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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Baron Wurst who was born in Amarillo, Texas on November 26, 1970 and passed away on May 30, 2006 at the age of 35. We will remember him forever. 

Baron was a free spirit, who loved life.  He loved the outdoors and nature.
He was a natural athlete and excelled in all the activities that required physical agility and strength.  He loved to hike in the mountains, camp in the desert, swim in the oceans, soar through the sky.  He loved music and laughter and good times with his many friends.

Baron found his soul-mate and love of his life when he met Renee.  He also found the children of his heart - Chaddie and Avery.  He was a loving son, brother and uncle.  He has made a tremendous impact on the lives of us all and will be in our hearts forever.
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A CANDLE TO STAY BURNING FOR BARON,MAY YOU ALL FIND PEACE AND COMFORT.                      THE CORD We are connected my child and I by an invisi...  Continue >>
Missing you   / Curtis Marten (Brother in Law )
Baron ~ It is hard to believe we lost you 9 yrs ago this month. I miss you and your unique twist you could put on everything that always left us laughing. Your Niece and Nephews are all grown up and I know you are proud of them and still watching ov...  Continue >>
just heard.   / Jess Peterson (friend)
I had lost touch with friends I had in Texas over the years. I jus t now heard of Barons passing. The world truly lost a great man. I will always remember the great times spent with him. He was always such a fun person to hang out with, so full o...  Continue >>
long time   / Kenny Ryan (Roomate)
Baron I had no idea that any of this had even took place. I can only be thankful that you did indeed have the opportunity to meet Renee and experience something of love that manymany people will never have the chance to feel. I thought about you al...  Continue >>
A Good Friend Who is Sorely Missed.   / Jason Laughlin (Friend)
I don't think for as long as I live that I will ever meet another person quite like Baron.  He had a driven spirit a funny soul.  He was a unique character.  And despite the heaviness in my heart I can still smile when I thin...  Continue >>
Baron was a lucky man to be surrounded by so much love  / Michelle White (Friend)    Read >>
Didn't know  / Crystal Davidson (friend)    Read >>
To my best friend and greatest cousin  / Wade Sanders (cousin)    Read >>
My condolences  / Kate Rose     Read >>
To A Good Friend That Will Be Missed  / Christy Jensen (Friend)    Read >>
Blessings / Cindy Hammons (Friend)    Read >>
Thanksgiving / Curtis (Bro-in-Law)    Read >>
Sorry to hear this...  / Michael Partin (Friend)    Read >>
True Friend!!  / Angie Ortowski-Blevins (friend)    Read >>
2 years  / Curtis Marten (Brother-in-Law)    Read >>
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